The Founders Award is awarded to an individual or institution, who has taken extraordinary measures to advance awareness, research, or treatment of Fibromuscular Dysplasia. 

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to our Founders Award recipients for their outstanding achievements in promoting research and awareness of Fibromuscular Dysplasia.


  • Pamela Mace, RN

  • Nazli McDonnell, MD, PhD - NIA

  • Jeffrey Olin, DO, FACP, FACC - Mt Sinai, New York


Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute

  • Heather Gornik, MD

  • Jerry Bartholomew, MD, FSVM

 University of Michigan

  • Kim A. Eagle, MD

  • James B. Froehlich, MD, MPH

  • Eva Kline-Rogers, RN, MS

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Kevin Meyers, MD  


  • Susan Begelman, MD, FSVM


  •  James Stanley, MD - University of Michigan


  • Santhi Ganesh, MD - University of Michigan

  • Jackie Saw, MD - Vancouver General Hospital, Canada

  • Pr Pierre-François Plouin - Hospital European G Pompidore, Paris France

2015 Pamela Mace received the FMDSA Lifetime Achievement Award



  • Dr Nabilia Bouatia-Naji - Paris, France 
  • Dr Alexandre Persu - Belgium
  • Dr Xavier Jeunemaite - Paris France


  • Dr Jason Kovacic
  • Dr Andrzej and colleagues of the Institute of Cardiology in Poland

Honorary Board Members

Past members that have served with distinction and made a significant contribution to FMDSA's success.

  • Susan and Rich Gould, Founders

  • Marie Yeh, Founder

  • Robert Kubic, Volunteer / Professional Advisory Council